September is just around the corner and you know what that means! It’s nearly time to gather in the Short North and take a walk through Gallery Hop. If you haven’t seen yet, we now have a new static information page with general details about the walk - I’ve linked it under “Official Page” down bellow.  Most of you already know the drill, but I’ll list the details here for any newcomers.
On the first Saturday of every month we gather together in the Short North to adorn ourselves in faux fur and march through the crowd of festive patrons, gallery attendees and pub crawlers. Many of the locals welcome the suiters and some even expect us! 


Hi guys and gals!
I wanted to give a great big thank you out to everyone who follows me! I like to share stuff I think folks will like and your feedback will help me know what to focus on. Comments and questions are always welcome so send them over if you have any.